Fortify your imagination!

Pretend Power is a Southern Maryland-based youth drama education program where the focus is on the fun. Our classes are playful, stimulating, and welcoming - the perfect environment for kids to harness their creative superpowers.


You know what happened next.

And now...we wait.

Part of the beauty of what we do at Pretend Power is the face-to-face connection, the live interaction, the excitement of us all being in the same room letting our imaginations take us to fantastic places together.

Virtual classes don't cut it for us.

We will offer live online sessions for private audition coaching (please contact us for more information), but our multi-student classes will resume once it is safe for us all to do so. Check in here, or on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, check out these fun drama activities you and your family can do at home!





2020 was set to be an exciting time for Pretend Power. We were busy creating drama fun with kids ages 3-11 in our Saturday Recreation and Parks classes. We were awarded 2 arts-in-education grants from the St. Mary's County Arts Council for theatre arts residencies at Lexington Park Elementary School and Carver Elementary School and had begun our in-classroom program at Lexington Park. We were preparing for another session of enriching theme-based drama classes with St. Mary's County Public Schools' Summer Learning Program. We were providing lots of great opportunities for our community's youth to creatively shine.

It was their first experience of acting and they loved it! From the first day to the last, Michelle was so kind, patient, and encouraging and really brought the best out of the kids. It was amazing to see how she pulled everything together; she’s a pro!

Colin and Sharon, Parents

Kids acting in drama class