In-School Residencies

In your classroom or multipurpose room, we provide excellent drama instruction, plus flexibility. Our school-day residencies are tailored to meet the learning needs of the particular group of students, focusing on curricular topics, addressing Common Core and state learning standards, and/or working on specific teamwork skills.

Kids acting in drama class


  • Minimum 6 sessions (full-year or full-semester recommended)

Class Length

  • 1 hour for elementary and middle school

  • 45 minutes for 4-year-old class

  • 30 minutes for 3-year-old class


School Fee

  • $75 per one-hour session                         

       (for up to 25 elementary or middle

       school students)

       PLUS $50 for planning meeting

  • $40 per 45-minute session

       (for up to 20 students ages 4 and up)

      PLUS $50 for planning meeting

  • $25 per 30-minute session

       (for up to 15 students age 3)

      PLUS $50 for  planning meeting

I have been teaching preschool age children for over thirty years.  Through the years I have seen a visible decline in young children’s ability to use their imagination (probably due to the increase of handheld technology and television).


We have been so fortunate to have Michelle as our drama/theater teacher over the past 4 years! I am so thrilled to see the way in which Michelle guides the children to use their imaginations and stretch their abstract thinking. I am so impressed with her ability to encourage each individual child, outgoing or introverted, to use their imagination!

Her expertise is a gift to our community!

Tami Joy, Director, Hollywood United Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten