Pretend Power...

Kids acting in drama class

...nurtures imagination

Dramatic play gives the imagination a workout! It invites us to use our voices and bodies to portray anything we want - from dolphins to detectives, from dukes to diggers, from daring to delighted. Cultivating creative expression is the core of what we do.

...builds confidence

Drama activities provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Continued engagement yields palpable gains in self-esteem. Our supportive environment celebrates accomplishments of all sizes.

...fosters social skills

Playing a character gives us the unique opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes, promoting empathy and understanding. Group drama classes encourage us to practice interacting with others. We take turns, share ideas, and collaborate as an ensemble. Plus, we have fun together!

Why drama?

Renowned educator Maria Montessori said, “Play is the work of the child.” Informally, children naturally engage in pretend play. Research shows that taking part in structured dramatic activities provides children opportunities to hone fine and gross motor skills as well as develop spoken and receptive language abilities. Furthermore, drama invites children to “practice life” - through the acts of concentration, collaboration, and self-regulation. Moreover, engagement in drama fosters creative thinking, a high-order cognitive skill . Although drama as an activity in its own right is a valuable educational experience, drama is also a proven teaching tool, often integrated into classroom curriculum as a means to delve into more conventionally academic subjects. Most importantly, drama is fun. Pretend Power provides children in St. Mary's County and surrounding Southern Maryland the chance to participate in a structured, process-oriented drama program - one that focuses on skill-building through an enjoyable series of activities, and one that welcomes children and youth of all levels of experience and ability.

Kids acting in drama class

Sharings, Not Shows

Children experience a great sense of pride when they get to perform for their loved ones. And parents and caregivers are excited to see their children onstage. At Pretend Power, we understand that a final presentation is a thrilling expectation. We design each class session with a variety of activities to progressively develop skills and build confidence. The focus is on the fun – not on repetition of the same material, and definitely not on the pressure of a polished performance. On the final class day, we invite the family into the studio space, and students get the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills. The content of the Sharing is tailored for each group of students and may look like an open class, a lightly rehearsed showcase…or anything in between.

Kids acting in drama class